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DPYB Select Baseball Program


DPYB now offers Select Baseball at various age divisions. 


In short, its our league's version of a travel ball program. The idea is to allow for a more competitive experience, while staying tied to our community league.  There is an added benefit of no monthly fees like those associated with outside travel ball teams.


 Our select team(s) play league play against other select and travel baseball teams from Orange County in both home and away games.  Additional tournament play may also be available.  The initial cost to play Select will be the same as  our recreational divisions, but may have other moderate costs for outside tournament fees, upgraded uniforms and/or team equipment.


This Fall 2020, and beyond, we will offer select team opportunities for ages 10u-13u, based on enough interest at each level.  If there is not enough interest at a given level we will not offer a team in that division.  Your child MUST BE REGISTERED for our fall league in order to tryout.  No exceptions.

If your son or daughter is interested in playing on a DPYB Select team in the Spring or Fall, they must tryout.

WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT?  Glad you asked.  The commitment is just for the Fall, unless you are trying out for the 12U team.  for 12U ONLY, the commitment is through the summer of 2021.  Why?  Because this will be DPYB's COOPERSTOWN TOURNAMENT TEAM, and they will spend a year planning and fundraising to compete in a week-long tournament against some of the best travel teams from across the country.

WHAT ARE THE AGE GROUPS FOR SELECT?  Glad you asked.  Because the ages for travel are DIFFERENT than they are for the regular league.  Here is a handy website to plug in your child's birthday and find out.

WHERE DO WE PLAY?  Typically we compete in the Irvine Pony Select League, but in the Covid era, who knows.  At the moment we will form teams and see how things develop with respect to league games.  Outside and travel tournaments may also be offered at an additional cost.

COST?  Select teams typically pay about $50 more than our normal recreation teams for upgraded uniforms.  It will be up to each individual team/manager with respect to outside tournaments to enter.  This includes possible out-of-state tournaments.

CAN WE PLAY FOR MULTIPLE TEAMS?  As a league, we work hard to protect players from injury.  This includes injury from fatigue.  If your son/daughter is playing for multiple teams, neither team/coach has the ability to effectively track your players' health.   Additionally, managers work hard to develop practice/game plans.  This is a problem when players are playing for multiple teams and have inconsistent attendance or may not be eligible to pitch when his/her manager needs them to pitch. You see where I'm going here, right?  We won't attempt to parent for you, but instead strongly encourage you to limit your child to 1 baseball team at a time.  And no, your son/daughter cannot play both select and rec ball at DPYB - that part we can control.

QUESTIONS?  Please contact Trevor Blackann at



Select Tryouts

Any player may tryout for Select. This is optional & only for those trying to make his/her Select division team. (Select is DPYB’s travel ball program.) 

  TRYOUTS WILL BE LIMITED TO PLAYERS CURRENTLY REGISTERED FOR THE UPCOMING DPYB REGULAR SEASON.  Players not registered will not be allowed to participate in select program tryouts.

If you have any questions, please contact Trevor Blackann at