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2022 Videos and Pictures

2022 Gallery Pictures and Videos

Send videos and pictures to the webmaster and they may be added to the DPYB videos and pictures page and/or DPYB Facebook or Instagram page.  Please be sure to provide Division (Pony, Mustang, etc.), the teams playing the game and date. 

Spring Season has come to an end.

Pony Division Champions Angels

Angels win Pony championship game. 

Bronco Division champions cubs

Cubs snagged a late lead and defeated Cardinals 18-11 on Wednesday night, to win the championship!


Mustang Division championship RESULTS CLICK HERE

Padres win the Championship!

pINTO 8 division Champions, aNGELS

Angels win P8 championship in extra innings!

Dodgers 20, Padres 12. Game was closer than the score and Padres came through to force an extra inning. Lots of hits, good defensive plays. Home run by Jackson Carter in the sixth to put them over the top. Great day by all. Lots of fans and friends enjoyed a great game.

2019 banner


JP hits a home run in Mustang Game on 3-5.

Hudson with his 7th of the season

Nicknames for a home run include "homer", "round tripper", "four-bagger", "big fly", "dinger", "long ball", "jack", "shot"/"moon shot", "bomb", and "blast", while a player hitting a home run may be said to have "gone deep" or "gone yard".


Henry S with a monster HR to left field!!

Charlie with the long HR to right center.