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2018 "Catchers" Rule

For the purpose of this rule an inning counted toward a catcher limit is defined as any part of an inning, including a single warm-up pitch.

  • A player that pitches 41 or more pitches in a game CANNOT play catcher in that same game.
  • A player can catch a maximum of 2 innings if they intend to also pitch in that game; If a player starts a 3rd inning as the catcher they cannot pitch in that game.

Discussion: In theory, this means a player can catch for 2 innings and then still pitch up to 40 pitches in the same game.  When factoring allowable limits, compounded by warm ups for each position, this is a considerable amount of use of a players arm.  The rule is designed to protect young arms; it is imperfectly drafted because it cannot factor long or short innings when considering the number of throws a catcher is making.  Coaches should consider the spirit of the rule and the protection it is intended to give players in making decisions about what their players do.

Recent 10U Select News

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DPYB Launches Inaugural Select Team in Spring of 2018


We’re announcing that for the Spring 2018 season Dana Point Youth Baseball will be offering a Select/Open Team for our 10U Mustang players.

The Select/Open Team will be comprised of 10U players from DPYB who have the desire to play a more competitive brand of Pony Baseball in a league format.

The team will play other Select/Open Baseball teams from Orange County at home and away games twice a week (weekday & Saturday games) from March through May.

If your son is interested in playing on the DPYB Select/Open 10U team for the Spring season or if you have any questions, please contact Dan Ignosci at

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • The Dana Point Select team will not be expected to travel north of Irvine for midweek games and in fact, Irvine currently has teams registered in our neighboring communities.  From a scheduling perspective, DPYB doesn’t want to drive to Placentia midweek and Placentia doesn’t want a 5:30pm start in DP either.
  • We can request to play fewer midweek games, but in turn we would need to play doubleheaders on Saturdays.  One way or another, we will have to pick our poison. 
  • We should play an equal number of games at home and away, but not necessarily spread out evenly (home, away, home, away…) throughout the season.
  • Provided their registration justifies it, Irvine is looking to create separate divisions for seasoned travel teams and another for not so seasoned teams.  Placentia (a traditional youth baseball powerhouse) really doesn’t want to play, let alone drive 45+ minutes, in an uncompetitive four inning 10 run-rule game(s) and neither does DPYB.  It is in the best interest of the Irvine league to adjust accordingly, but they will not assure us of not playing the stronger teams.
  • We have an email into our Pony director to see if other non-Pony leagues are a viable option for the Board to consider, therefore assuring us that our players will remain eligible for PONY All Stars, etc.
  • Will the players of the Select team also play on a regular spring team? No, the Board felt it would too taxing on the families to suggest they participate on two league teams.

  • Who will be the head coach/manager for the 10U Select team?  That hasn’t been determined as of yet.  The Board just agreed to offer a Select option the night of December 5.  Our Mustang Commissioner has sent out an email to the approved Managers and is attempting to confirm their interest.   We are working diligently to determine the potential Select Managers, so then the Board can approve who leads the team.  As soon as the Select Manager has been determined, this page will be updated.

  • Your expressing interest in the Select program prior to evals will not commit your son to play Select baseball.  After the Manager is confirmed and potential players are notified, parents will have a brief opportunity to decline to participate.  

  • Will this be a team comprised of 9u and 10u players?  Yes, the 2018 Select team could be a mix of 9 and 10 year olds. 
  • I imagine this is like All-stars?  Yes, the DPYB Select team will be playing against other Select, Travel and All Star teams during the months of March through May.
  • Will the DPYB Select team be traveling most weekends for tournaments?  At most, DPYB has committed to play "league games" on Saturdays.  The Board would prefer to take a conservative approach in our inaugural season, so we do not plan for the Select team to play in any tournaments prior to All Stars in late May.
  • What would be the requirements on top of the regular season requirements? The Select commitment is through All Stars in July.  Our all star teams usually make it to the July 4 weekend, but seldom further.  The commitments are the same as on a rec team, except the need to travel to road games as scheduled.
  • Are they going to do all the evaluations at the same time?  Yes
  • The tentative plan of the Board is for Mustang to send three teams to All Stars, a 9U team, a 10U team and the Select team. 
  • The 2018 Mustang Select team will composed of the nine highest ranked players who indeed want to play Select, regardless of age, based upon evaluation by the Mustang Managers and DPYB Board members.  Similar to All Stars, the Select Manager will then be able to choose the last three players to complete the roster

Please be patient with the league as we take our inaugural step into offering Select baseball.  The details and answers above are subject to change with Board approval.

Go DPYB!!!