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Will on the PA for DPYB Day at UC Irvine

2015 Gallery Pictures

You should be able to add your own game photos to your team section of the website. But if you're having trouble, send them to the webmaster  and they will be added to the DPYB Gallery.  Please be sure to provide Division (Pony, Mustang, etc.), the teams playing the game and date. 

Aerial Video of Opening Ceremony

Lugnuts Fall 2014 Pony

DPYB Mustang Blue 2014 All Stars (Courtesy of Rocco DiFrancesco)

Congratulations to the Pony Angels who are 2-0 after defeating Costa Mesa 11-7 in the Pony Playoffs

2014 Photo Gallery

DPYB 2017 All Star Action

  • Pinto 8 Team - Runners-up in Ramona
  • Bronco 11 Team - Runners-up in Ramona
  • Mustang 9 Team
  • Mustang 10 team
  • Bronco 11 team - Runners-up in PONY District
  • All Star Trailer in Ramona
  • All Star BBQ in Ramona
  • All Star BBQ in Ramona
  • All Star BBQ Crew in Ramona!!!
  • 11U Fathers Day Picture
  • Mustang 9U - Runners-up at Los Al
  • Bronco 11U All Star Moms
  • Three 11U HR's Over The Fence In Orange
  • Hanging In The All Star Trailer
  • Bronco 12 All Stars

Dana Point Whales Parade

On March 4 our Mustang and Pinto 7 teams had the opportunity to walk in Dana Point Whales Parade. Check out the pictures below!

All Stars 2018

  • Mustang 10U Ramona Champs!!!
  • Pinto 8 Kid Pitch
  • Bronco 11
  • Bronco 12
  • Mustang Tsunami
  • Mustang 10
  • Pinto Machine Pitch
  • Shetland
  • Pony 14U
  • Mustang 9U
  • Shetland @ Los Alamitos

Tourney Champs - Spring 2018

  • Bronco Ricker Construction
  • Mustang Royals
  • Pinto Kid Pitch Dodgers (1st) & Pirates (2nd)
  • Pony Dana Point Auto