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By Jodi Lull, 02/18/17, 8:00AM PST


Struggling Claiming Your DIBS???

DIBS Instructions:

You must log onto the DPYB website.  You will be unable to register if you do not.

Once on the home page, click on the tab to the far right of the website titled “More+”.  This is a drop down screen; there you will find the DIBS tab.  

Click on the DIBS tab, you will see a list of all volunteer positions.  Simply click on one of the positions to “claim” this position.

Once on the volunteer page you will need to enter dates.  Begin by clicking on the “From” date box.  Using the pop up calendar, click on Feb. 1.  Go to the “To” date box and enter June 1.  Next click on the “Filter DIB Items”.  This will refresh the volunteer page.

It is in this screen you will see a listing of all the teams.  They are listed by division, team/sponsor, and/or coach.  

If you do not see your team, you may have to go to page two to locate your team.  Find your division, team, and/or coach and click on it

You will then be taken to a page where you can claim the item.  Click on the “Claim this DIB Item” icon.  

You will then see a pop up window to fill in.  Once you have finished, click the “Claim DIB Item” icon.  

You have registered for your volunteer spot.   Each volunteer will receive a confirmation e-mail from the system reminding them of their duty.