The City, not DPYB, controls field access.  We will know field availability after the City evaluates the field conditions and communicates their decision to DPYB .  All scheduled evaluations/practices/games are on unless an email is sent to league families communicating otherwise, at which time the DPYB website is also updated.

We make every effort to notify the membership by 4 PM on weekday afternoons of closures and cancellations. We do our best to get the games and practices in while allowing time for the sun and wind to make the fields playable. 

If the fields happen to close earlier, we will start the notification process at that time. Whenever a cancellation is determined the Mudline and Website will be updated as quickly as possible, followed by an email notification to all active members in the DPYB database.

If the Mudline recording reflects a date other than the date of the event, or you have not received an email from the league, or the website shows green lights for your field, that means the fields are playable.