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Gene Burrus Opportunity Grant

Gene Burrus

Gene Burrus

The Gene Burrus Opportunity Grant provides registration fee forgiveness to local athletes, who, without financial assistance, would not otherwise be able to participate.

Each year, pending financing and with Board approval, DPYB will allot a designated amount of grant funds to sponsor ballplayers that are in need of financial assistance. The money awarded will be used to cover standard registration fees only. Grants are not available for post-season All-Star participation.

The criteria used to evaluate and ultimately award grant funds will be based off demonstrated financial need and an applicant essay of 100-500 words . Neither will hold a more significant value than the other, however both are required to be considered for nomination and subsequent award. The DPYB Executive Board will review only fully completed applications. All submitted information will be held in strict confidence by the DPYB Executive Board for sole purposes of determining qualification need for the grant program. Interested applicants should complete the grant application online.

DPYB expects each grant participant (and their families) to maintain good sportsmanship, leadership and citizenship throughout the season. We ask that the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the player make a commitment for their child to attend all practices and games and that they provide/arrange timely personal transportation for their child. DPYB staff consists of volunteers who have obligations outside baseball, therefore getting your children to and from league functions and on time is very important. 

Grant families will most likely be required to volunteer additional time for the season or the grant and any future playing opportunities at DPYB may be forfeited. If you are approved for a grant you may be required to fulfill the following, in whole or part:

  • Volunteer one hour for every $20 in grant money granted. There are many volunteer hour opportunities (auxiliary board duties, event planning, etc.), not just limited to snack bar shifts for Spring Ball. The league will provide you with volunteer options. (Note: this volunteer time is in addition to what you are expected to do for your child’s team. Your volunteer hours worked will not count towards both.)
  • Obtain a sponsorship for our league. Sponsorship(s) must add up to the value of grant your child is granted.
  • Obtain raffle gift donations for any of our events. Donations must add up to the value of grant your child is granted.
  • Note a combination of the above can be obtained…ex. $50 raffle gift for an event + five hours ($100) of volunteer time = $150 grant.
  • If you fail to uphold the above requirements you may not apply for a grant in the future.



  • Grants are available for youths deemed eligible to play for DPYB.
  • Grants are neither permanent nor automatically renewed every year. Grants expire at the end of each season. Requests for grants must be made for each player for each new season.  Applications must meet the grant eligibility requirements.
  • The DPYB Executive Board will examine the needs and make a decision on the scope (full or partial) of the grant award(s).
  • Maximum amount given per year will be limited to the full league registration fee per player. Partial grants may be awarded.
  • If your child currently participates in any type of travel/club baseball team they are not eligible for a grant. If a grant is arranged and the league finds out they are involved in a travel/club baseball team the grant will immediately be revoked and you will be expected to pay the league in full for their league fees.
  • Grants can be used only for DPYB registration fees, and are not transferable to any other sport or organization. Incidental team costs and/or required equipment are excluded from grant consideration.
  • Grant applications must be completed and submitted at least two weeks prior to the deadline date determined by the league and posted on the DPYB Website.
  • Grants shall be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds have been exhausted.
  • The DPYB Executive Board reserves the right to verify all information contained on the application form in order to grant, deny or revoke any grant monies.
  • Applicants will be notified by a senior DPYB Board Member (President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer) in a timely fashion regarding the outcome of their grant request.
  • If approved for a partial grant, the remaining program registration fees are due at the time of notification. The league registrar will assist you with completing partial grant registration.
  • Approval of a grant does not automatically register the participant. You must still register the athlete through the league website. The league registrar will assist you with completing grant registration.
  • Questions should be directed to the DPYB President listed on the League Staff page on the DPYB website.