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DPYB All Stars Introduction 2019

Countdown to the Memorial Day Tournaments


Why Play Dana Point All Stars???

DPYB All-Stars presents a unique opportunity to build new friendships, elevate player development and play more competitive baseball.  Other goals that our league is trying to accomplish with our all star program include:

  • Providing players with an extra incentive to work towards
  • Encouraging coaches to do more development with an eye towards the postseason
  • Building a stronger engagement,  more enthusiasm and ideally incent players to return to play at DPYB

If your family is interested in participating in DPYB 2019 All Stars, please print and fill out the form below, then give it to your Manager no later than April 13 or bring it to the OPTIONAL All Star Identification Workout the afternoon of April 14.

Shetland and Pinto Machine Pitch All Stars To Play In Two Tourneys in 2019

DPYB will offer an abbreviated All Star experience for Shetland and Pinto 8 Machine Pitch players.  These families will experience two weekends of all star tournament fun!  

The cost to participate will be $125 per player, which will include all tournament/umpire fees, baseballs, a game t-shirt and a cap.

The selection process for our Shetland and Pinto 8 Machine Pitch teams will be the same as our older divisions. Please see the How All Star Teams Are Formed section below for more specifics.

Potential All Star Identification Workout On Sunday, April 14

On Sunday, April 14th, DPYB Board Members along with interested Managers will be conducting a one-time identification workout at the Dana Point Community Center.

The purpose of this OPTIONAL workout is to identify potential candidates for each of our all star teams.  We will conduct our traditional all star selection process later that afternoon, but this year we will have additional information to work with based upon the identification workout observations.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time and have your player(s) ready to warm-up.  

12:30pm to 1:30pm on Sunday, April 14

Pony Field - Shetland, Pinto Machine Pitch and Pinto Kid Pitch Players

1:30pm to 3pm on Sunday, April 14

Pony Field - Mustang, Bronco and Pony Players


Our goal is to reward the committed top players an opportunity to compete against other All-Star teams from around the area through the summer. Just being a top player is not enough to be selected to an All Star team. The financial and time commitment must be understood prior to selection. Parent’s on and/or off field behavior during the season may also affect a player’s selection.

Candidates for each All-Star team are nominated by their Manager/designate, as well as other Managers in the division.  Once all the nominations are submitted, a vote is taken with all of the Managers.  Please note that Managers initially nominate players from their own team, but they CAN NOT vote for their own players during the voting process.  

The top nine players who receive the most Manager/designate votes are automatically placed on the All-Star Team.  The All-Star Manager then has the opportunity to choose additional players, at his/her discretion, to fill out the team with a total of 12-13 players typically.

All Star Managers have about 48 hours to confirm their participants and teams are then finalized.

If your player is selected to play on a 2019 All Star Team!!!

All Star practices will initially take place on Sundays, starting April 28. Once the DPYB league playoffs end for each division (Pony, Bronco, Mustang and Pinto 8 Kid Pitch), around May 20, All Star Managers can start practicing on days other than Sundays.

Our first tournament is on Memorial Day weekend and additional tournaments potentially continue through mid-July, based upon the on-field success of each team.  In total, DPYB All Stars Pinto Kid Pitch and older is typically a four to five tournament commitment.

All Stars does require a large time and financial commitment from each player and family. The financial costs for All-Stars are the sole responsibility of the Parent or Guardian. Fees for each player are $225 which includes a custom jersey, undershirt, cap, insurance, umpire fees, baseballs and tournament fees.  NOTE: There most likely will be additional costs associated with playing All-Stars which include commuting, lodging, team snacks, meals and other costs. 

Each family may be required to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per All Star child. Much of this volunteering is based upon whether DPYB hosts a PONY tournament. Volunteering may include managing, assistant coaching, scorekeeping, field maintenance, snack bar, team parent and/or tournament duties.

Practice schedules will be determined by each team’s coaching staff and can be 2-3 days per week for approximately 2 hours each practice. Missing practices and/or games may result in less playing time at the Manager’s discretion.

Please note that players are not guaranteed any specific fielding position or playing time on the All-Star Team. The Manager will solely determine the positions and the amount of playing time. The Manager has the final say in all matters relating to player positions and playing time. 

MANDATORY All Star Kickoff Meeting - Sunday, April 28 at 4:00pm

If your player is selected to participate in DPYB All Stars, we have some time sensitive details that need to be resolved on Sunday, April 28 at 4:00pm.  Our meeting will take place at the Dana Point Community Center, in the bleachers of the Pony field.  The topics we will address are:

  • Discussion of All Star expectations by DPYB President and All Star Commissioner Dan Ignosci 
  • Collection of required paperwork and fees
  • Distribution of t-shirts and/or caps

We need each All Star player and at least one parent at this meeting, which should take about an hour.  Thank you!

Pre-PONY Tournaments...

May 25 thru 27 - Ramona Memorial Day Tourney (All teams)

May 30 thru June 2 - Newport Harbor Tourney (Pinto 8 Kid Pitch, Mustang 9U and all Bronco teams) 

June 1 thru 9 - Fallbrook Tourney (Shetland, Pinto Machine Pitch, Mustang 10U, Mustang 10U Tsunami and both Pony 14U teams)

June 7 thru 10 - Los Alamitos Tourney (Mustang 9U and Bronco 11U) 

June 14 thru 17 - Los Alamitos Tourney (Shetland , Pinto 8 Kid Pitch, Mustang 10U and Bronco 12U teams)

***Please note that our Shetland and Pinto Machine Pitch teams will play in three tournaments (edited April 18)

In addition to the Pre-PONY tournaments listed above, several All Star teams will be entered into some or all of the applicable PONY division tournaments below.  

Dana Point teams typically play in the District and Section rounds of the PONY tournaments , but will only advance to later rounds if they finish as one of the top 2 teams in the tournament they are playing in.

** Please be aware that all PONY tournaments dates and locations are accurate as of 4/6/19, but are subject to change with little advance notice

2019 PONY All Star Schedule

District Orange County TBD June 13 June 18
Section Orange County TBD June 20 June 25
Region Orange County TBD June 27 July 2
Super Region Moreno Valley, CA July 5 July 9
District Orange County TBD June 20 June 25
Section Orange County TBD June 27 July 2
Region Orange County TBD July 5 July 9
Super Region Walnut, CA July 11 July 16
District Orange County TBD June 27 July 2
Section Orange County TBD July 5 July 9
Region Orange County TBD July 11 July 16
Super Region Corona, CA July 18 July 23
District Orange County TBD June 20 June 25
Section Orange County TBD June 27 July 2
Region Orange County TBD July 5 July 9
Super Region Whittier, CA July 11 July 16
District Orange County TBD June 27 July 2
Section Orange County TBD July 5 July 9
Region Orange County TBD July 11 July 16
Super Region Whittier, CA July 18 July 23

Any questions related to All Stars should be directed to Dan Ignosci, our All-Star Commissioner.

Have a GREAT time and Go DPYB!!!