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Dear DPYB Families,

We want to thank all of you for your patience, generosity, and understanding during this very difficult time. We have made and donated to community over 700 face masks and 7000 bottles of hand sanitizer and are still hard at work. We couldn't have done it without all of you; my sincerest gratitude. 

Things are looking promising and as our City and the county are permitting various businesses and activities to open, we are hopeful that our Spring Season will get to restart soon.

Although not certain, with City approval, we plan to reopen and start playing spring baseball again as soon as June 1, but, not start later than June 15. If we are not able to restart our Spring Season by June 15, we will close the Spring Season and look forward to Fall Ball, commencing in August. 

At this time, we have contacted our managers and they should be in contact with you over the next several days to see if you are wanting and able to continue the Spring Season. 

Of course, anyone who isn't comfortable playing for any reason, doesn't have to. It will solely be a individual family decision

If we are able to play, and you will be playing with us, we will have a series of safety protocols in place (i.e. six feet seperation between families and other spectators, hand sanitizing between ever half-inning, cleaning all equipment after each use). A thorough guide will come, if we are able to reopen. 

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our board members or myself, directly. 

We wish for all of your happiness, health, and our kids to get to play again.


Dana  Kislig


Virtual ABCA Baseball Players/Coaches Clinic

Free online clinics offered by a star-studded lineup!

Anyone looking for ways to stay in shape or to improve your player's game during your time at home? 

The American Baseball Coaches Association has announced a really cool expansion of their portfolio to include FREE virtual clinics for PLAYERS AND COACHES.  These clinics will be live every Tuesday at 5PM.  

You don't have to register to participate, but they do require you to  create a free account with ABCA.  Its is quick and easy.  Signing up also gives you access to other great resources on their website.  And no, this is not a sales pitch.   DPYB has no affiliation with ABCA.  We just wanted to share this opportunity to hear from coaches like Matt Blake (NYY pitching coach), Gary Adcock (head coach - Cal Baptist), Derek Johnson (pitching coach Cincinnati Reds) to name a few.  


Quarantine Sport Movie | Practicing Optimism | At Home Workouts

Register for USA Baseball's Online Community Clinics

ZOOM Webinar

Community coaches clinics are an integral part of continuing education for coaches at any level. USA Baseball Community Clinics are held year-round at facilities nationwide, and provide coaches with the opportunity to learn and grow by networking with local coaches while participating in on-field demonstrations. The clinics are open to coaches at any level of the game, as well as any baseball parents or enthusiasts.

In response to COVID19 - USA Baseball is now providing these coaches clinics in a virtual format, through ZOOM.  
The clinics are also part of the USA Baseball Coaches Certification pathway, that is open to any and all individuals who are currently coaching baseball or aspire to coach at any level of the game. More information about Coaches Certification can be found at 

Click here to see Hand Sanitizer Article in DP Times

DPYB is giving back to the community

Dana Point Youth Baseball’s motto, “It’s More Than Baseball,” has never meant more than now. Just this past week, team members, parents, administrators, and coaches united off the field to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in their community – especially among the most vulnerable.


The City of Dana Point and its surrounding communities have a very disproportionate amount of elderly with the mean age around 70 years. In mid-March when Orange County announced its shelter-in-place directive, the league stopped all operations but that only freed them up to find a way to help others in need.


As basic cleaning items and other living necessities began to disappear from store shelves, the team decided to find a way to get hand sanitizer to the people who needed it most – local seniors. They purchased hand sanitizer by the gallon – even a 50-gallon drum – and scrambled to find and purchase wholesale small plastic bottles from multiple sources. 


Eighty gallons of hand sanitizer and 10,00 2 ounce plastic bottles later, the team will begin to distribute the fruits of their labor on Friday, April 10.  They will hand-deliver to the community center where it will then be distributed to homebound seniors. The league will work with the City of Dana Point for bulk distribution. It may also be possible to erect a drive-through pop-up at the local community center.


Seems as if life is throwing us all a curveball, but Dana Point Youth Baseball is stepping up to the plate in a big way. In fact, they just ordered another 50 gallons of hand sanitizer to bottle and distribute in late April.

Welcome New Sponsors

Dana Point Youth Baseball is a nonprofit organization that provides the means for our community youth to develop qualities and attributes that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. In order to keep our costs reasonable, the league must perform various fundraisers throughout the year. DPYB is grateful for any donation or sponsorship from your establishment to assist in this effort.

Dick's has year round discounts available to our league.

Click the photo link for offers and discounts, available to all DPYB families for the remainder of the year and can be used multiple times!


Parents! Don't let your daughters sit in the bleachers the whole season. Sign them up for Laguna Niguel Girls Softball!

DPYB Divisions Home Run Leaders

NICO TASSO, 1 Skye Flynn Yankees- 1 Ryan Georgia, 1 Sebastian Triscari -1 Cooper Van Sluis Dodgers-1 Weston Whittaker Angels -4 Ford Rainis Angels -1
BRAYDON BOOP, 1 Shiloh Evans Rays-4 Christian Sulzbach, 1 Jackson Doyle Dodgers-1 Laird Rainis Giants-1
Jesse Joe O'Connor A's-1 Brock Rainis-1 Gavin Najera Angels-1 Joe Whitson Giants-1
Luke Winters A's-1 Jackson Victor-1 Greyson Najera Yankees-3
Eli Wolf-1 Dakarie Farrow Giants - 1
Paddy Wallock Angels-1

Coaches Division Game Roster Signup, POSTPONED

Managers and Coaches,

Please sign up for your respective team on Sign Up Genius.  Please click on the baseball image to register.

Once the spots are filled, that's it for the first games. We will do it again for the subsequent games. Due to the masses wanting in for our Coaches Division, we are limiting the number of players to 12 (each game date) per team so we don't have riots in the dugouts.

Yes, if you are a manager and assistant manager for more than one team, you can sign up to play on  both teams so long as they don't play each other that day. For our complete Coaches Division game schedule, just go to Divisions tab, then Coaches Divisions.

 We play real baseball with the following exceptions: -No pitcher may pitch more than one inning. Free substitutions. Wood bats only. 

Link to Coaches Division Game Roster Signup For 3/15

Any questions, please call or email Dana Kislig (949.933.7576;

Coaches Division Leaders

Home Runs Stolen Bases Strike Outs by Pitchers Hit By Pitch
Marcus Farrow (SP), 2 Dana Kislig (DPYB), 5 Beau Johnson (DPYB), 3 Brandon Truman (BP), 1
Glenn Tomasayan (DPYB),1 John Bibeau (DPYB), 3 Remi Kislig (DPYB), 2 Marc Stothers (BP), 1
Brian Hendon (MP), 1 Andrew Buchanan (SP), 2 Andrew Buchanan (SP), 2 Matt Popka (DPYB), 1
Adrian Tasso (BP), 1 11 others tied with 1 Mike Rosenberg (DPYB), 2
Ben Baeder (BP), 1 Trevor Blackann (DPYB), 2
Andrew Buchanan (SP), 1 17 others tied with 1
Jake Walker (SP), 1 2 others tied with -1
17 others tied with 0

Select Baseball Expansion!!!

Following continued success with our Select Baseball Program, Dana Point Youth Baseball now has 9u, 10u, 11u, and 12u Select teams. Select teams are comprised of DPYB registered players, who have the desire to play a more competitive brand of Pony Baseball in a league format.   For more information, click here: 

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GoDPYB Dana Point Yth Bsbal GoDPYB

PONY's position on helmet modifications with equipment attachments

Helmet attachments (c-flap, etc.) have recently become popular and are being used throughout baseball and softball. Altering a helmet or any equipment in any way is not permitted and may cause the NOCSAE certification and warranty of that helmet to become void; thus, making it illegal in PONY play. The short answer is to purchase a helmet that the manufacturer has already attached a flap to the it, as it waits for you on the store shelf. For more info click the link above...

Click this link to learn how to add another email address to receive DPYB emails (Help/Support)

If you would like to enable someone other than the primary Sport Engine account holder to receive DPYB emails, please click this link and follow these simple instructions. Due to privacy concerns, DPYB board members are not able access your account information or make any changes on your behalf.