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Pony League Baseball

Fall Ball Schedules Now Available!

Click on your division below to view/download the schedule. 

The Fall season is tentatively scheduled for Sunday games on 9/16 through 11/18.

DPYB is offering Shetland and Pinto Machine Pitch for the first time ever.  In addition we are offering players who would have typically aged out of Pony LAST SEASON, to play at least one additional season to offset the recent PONY age changes.


All registrations will be charged a $25 late fee and will be placed on a wait list.  We will attempt to accommodate as many late registrants as possible.

PONY's position on helmet modifications with equipment attachments

Helmet attachments (c-flap, etc.) have recently become popular and are being used throughout baseball and softball. Altering a helmet or any equipment in any way is not permitted and may cause the NOCSAE certification and warranty of that helmet to become void; thus, making it illegal in PONY play. The short answer is to purchase a helmet that the manufacturer has already attached a flap to the it, as it waits for you on the store shelf. For more info click the link above...

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DPYB Fall Ball 2018

DPYB is excited to offer another fun-filled fall ball season for the following age groups:

  • Shetland (league age 6 and younger) - this division uses a combination of a batting tee and a soft-tossing pitching machine.  Cost is $75
  • Pinto Machine Pitch (league age 8 and under) - generally inexperienced players and those just moving up from Shetland.  Cost is $75
  • Pinto Kid Pitch (league age 8 and under) - generally players who have played one season of Pinto Machine Pitch.  Players will pitch to each other during this season.  Cost is $160
  • Mustang (league age 10 and under).  Cost is $160
  • Bronco ( league age 12 and under).  Cost is $160
  • Pony (league age 15 and under).  Cost is $150

To register please click the blue REGISTER image to the left.  If you have any questions please click EMAIL to send a message to Matt Popka, our Fall Ball Commissioner.

Go DPYB!!!

Spring Ball 2019 News!

Spring season will begin on February 23, 2019.  Registration to begin mid-November.  More information to come.

Special Guest Domingo Ayala

We are excited to announce that Domingo Ayala will be our special guest during opening day on February 23, 2019.  

Domingo Ayala was born and raised in Puerto Plata, DR sometime between 1978 and 1988 (records have not been verified). At a young age with the influence of his cousin and longtime baseball coach, Vladimir Ayala, Domingo began to excel at the game of baseball. In the Dominican Republic, Domingo has been a 7-time Infielder of the Year and 6-time Outfielder of the Year award winner (two years overlapping when he played both SS and LF in order to hit twice in the lineup).

Click here to visit the official Domingo Beisbol website. 


Shetland + Pinto Machine Pitch Spring Tournament

This all-star tournament is happening on May 31-June 2, 2019.  Stay tuned for more information!

Questions?  Contact Dan Ignosci at:


All Stars 2018

  • Mustang 10U Ramona Champs!!!
  • Pinto 8 Kid Pitch
  • Bronco 11
  • Bronco 12
  • Mustang Tsunami
  • Mustang 10
  • Pinto Machine Pitch
  • Shetland
  • Pony 14U
  • Mustang 9U
  • Shetland @ Los Alamitos

Tourney Champs - Spring 2018

  • Bronco Ricker Construction
  • Mustang Royals
  • Pinto Kid Pitch Dodgers (1st) & Pirates (2nd)
  • Pony Dana Point Auto

Welcome New 2018 Sponsors

Dream Team Properties

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2018 banner 50th anniversary ab

Remember that famous Super Bowl commercial in 2011 featuring a young boy dressed as Darth Vader? He's DPYB's own Max Page.  Read his story here!

Ava August's Rendition of Our National Anthem



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