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    Pony League Baseball

    Another Rainout


    The fields are closed on Monday, February 27, due to wet fields.

    Please check back Tuesday at 4 PM for a field availability update.

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    All divisions are wait list but please fill out the registration and we will try to get your player on the field!

    Click on this image to go to the PitchSmart website

    DPYB To Adopt PitchSmart For 2017 Spring Pinto 8 Through Pony Pitchers

    PitchSmart is a series of practical, age-appropriate guidelines to help parents, players and coaches avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers.

    Thank you for your patience and support as we implement steps to take care of DPYB's pitchers.

    The DPYB Board of Directors

    Snack Bar No, Concession Stand Yes!

    By DPYB 02/24/2017, 9:45pm PST

    We've upgraded our Snack Bar to a first class Concession Stand. Check out the new look and New Menu

    You are in for a big surprise this season. DPYB is taking it up a notch with the new look and feel, in addition to the new menu and Daily Specials we'll be offering at our upgraded Concession Stand (the place previously known as the lowly Snack Bar). The service and food you'll be able to take advantage of here will be the best you've ever experienced. Enjoy!  


    Bownet Attendance Winners!!!

    Click on this image to go to the Bownet website

    Congrats to the three teams/Managers that won  a FREE Bownet due to one Coach and nine players attending the Team Clinic.  

    • Judicate West - Managed by Jerome Kucera
    • Mustang Nationals - Managed by Bill Wight
    • Pinto 8 A's - Managed by Daemon Clark

    We greatly appreciate the the coaches of JSerra High School, Core Catching and Redline Athletics for their AWESOME instruction.  Also many thanks to the players, coaches and parents that attended the Team Clinics the last two Thursday nights.

    Clothes For The Cause Pizza Party Incentive

    Yummy Pizza Party For Three Winning Teams

    As an incentive for rounding up textiles for your team. DPYB will give three winning teams a postgame Costco Pizza Party for their effort.

    The Shetland or Pinto 7 team with the most textile weight (100 pound minimum/approximately ten 10 pound bags)
    The Pinto 8 or Mustang team with the most textile weight (100 pound minimum/approximately ten 10 pound bags)
    The Bronco or Pony team with the most textile weight (100 pound minimum/approximately ten 10 pound bags)
    Start saving today...more details in about a week

    Go DPYB!!! 

    DPYB Textile Collection Fundraiser - March 19-25

    Over the month of February/March:

    • Clean out closets and pack items in large trash bags secured tightly.

    • Ask friends, family & neighbors to donate.

    • Collect unsold items at neighborhood garage sales/estate sales.

    Don’t throw them out or donate to another organization.

    Hold on to the bags until our collection day.

    What Do We Take?

    ALL household textiles

    • Clothes & Paired Shoes
    • Decorative rugs
    • Gloves, Hats
    • Sheets and towels
    • Blankets, quilts and bedspreads
    • Drapes
    • Purses & Belts
    • Stuffed animals

    All items must be kept dry, so please put them in tightly tied plastic bags.

    *We cannot take glass, breakables, electronics, pet beds, bed pillows, uniforms, carpeting, hotel linens…

    For questions, please contact:

    Dan –

    Paula –

    The more bags and weight, we collect the more money we raise!

    2017 banner pres by hobie

    Remember that famous Super Bowl commercial in 2011 featuring a young boy dressed as Darth Vader? He's DPYB's own Max Page.  Read his story here!


    Welcome To Dana Point Youth Baseball

    The PONY baseball organization, which Dana Point Youth Baseball is a member of, was created for all players to be able to participate in baseball. We want to Protect Our Nation's Youth as they grow into young men and women and leaders of tomorrow. PONY is a community based program for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

    GO DPYB!
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