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Pony League Baseball

Opening Day Countdown


Another Rainout


Due to rain the fields are closed Friday through Sunday, February 17 through 19.

Please check back Monday at 4pm for a field availability update

Go DPYB!!!



Any player wishing to register late may be placed on a wait list. DPYB will not be able to guarantee a Spring 2017 team for any player that is not registered prior to evaluations beginning. DPYB advocates a Maximum Family Registration Cap at $500 per family.

Division Late Registration Status
Shetland (Ages 4, 5 & 6) $170 Open Thru 2/19 - TELL A FRIEND!!!
Pinto 7 $250 Click Register Below For Waitlist
Pinto 8 $275 Click Register Below For Waitlist
Mustang (9 & 10) $285 Click Register Below For Waitlist
Bronco (11 & 12) $285 Click Register Below For Waitlist
Pony (13 & 14) $230 Click Register Below For Waitlist

FREE Team Clinics For Pinto 8 Through Pony, Start Thursday 2/9!!!


DPYB expects approximately 275 players & 24 coaches to benefit from the baseball specific instruction being provided.  For ninety minutes, teams will rotate through four stations (Pony, Mustang and Bronco Fields, along with the Batting Cages) to learn more about baseball skills and fundamentals.


Three consecutive Thursdays (weather permitting) - February 9, 16 & 23


Pinto 8 & Mustang teams from 5pm to 6:30pm

Bronco & Pony teams from 6:45 to 8:15pm

Where To Meet:

Teams are to meet at the snackbar 15 minutes prior to their clinic beginning 

Participating Instructors:

Core Catching – Catching and Baserunning (Mustang Field)

JSerra HS – Infield, Outfield and Pitching (Pony and Bronco Fields)

Redline Athletics - Stretching, Core Strength and Hitting (Batting Cages)

If you have any questions please email

Bownet Attendance Incentive!!!

Click on this image to go to the Bownet website

Each Pinto 8 through Pony team that attends the upcoming Thursday clinics and has one coach plus 9 players in attendance will get one raffle ticket for their Manager to win a FREE Bownet.  

We will conduct a new drawing each week and the nets will be given to the three winning Managers after our final Thursday clinic.

Opening Day Schedule - Spring 2017

Date Division Start Visitor Home Venue
2/25/17 Bronco 8:30 AM Capo VW/Mazda Lupe's Bronco Field DPCC
2/25/17 Bronco 11:15 AM Linear Home Loans Chronic Tacos Bronco Field DPCC
2/25/17 Bronco 2:00 PM Judicate West Hennessey's Bronco Bronco Field DPCC
2/25/17 Bronco 4:45 PM Dick's Sporting Goods Bronco Kislig Law Bronco Field DPCC
2/25/17 Mustang 9:00 AM Mustang Orioles Mustang Tigers Gene Burrus Mustang Field DPCC
2/25/17 Mustang 12:00 PM Mustang Rangers Mustang Reds Gene Burrus Mustang Field DPCC
2/25/17 Mustang 3:00 PM Mustang Royals Mustang Padres Gene Burrus Mustang Field DPCC
2/25/17 Pinto 7 8:30 AM Pinto 7 Dodgers Pinto 7 Giants Dana Hills HS Stonehill
2/25/17 Pinto 7 10:30 AM Pinto 7 Padres Pinto 7 Angels Dana Hills HS Stonehill
2/25/17 Pony 8:30 AM Dick's Sporting Goods Pony Farmers Insurance Pony Field DPCC
2/25/17 Pony 11:30 AM Hennessey's Pony Dana Point Auto Pony Field DPCC
2/25/17 Pinto 8 2:30 PM Pinto 8 A's Pinto 8 Angels Pony Field DPCC
2/25/17 Pinto 8 5:00 PM Pinto 8 Giants Pinto 8 Dodgers Pony Field DPCC
2/25/17 Shetland 12:30 PM Shetland Yankees Shetland Padres Dana Hills HS Stonehill
2/25/17 Shetland 2:00 PM Shetland Angels Shetland Dodgers Dana Hills HS Stonehill
2/25/17 Shetland 3:00 PM Shetland Pirates Shetland Indians Pony Centerfield DPCC
2/25/17 Shetland 4:30 PM Shetland Giants Shetland Red Sox Pony Centerfield DPCC

Remember that famous Super Bowl commercial in 2011 featuring a young boy dressed as Darth Vader? He's DPYB's own Max Page.  Read his story here!

Click on this image to go to the PitchSmart website

DPYB To Adopt PitchSmart For 2017 Spring Pinto 8 Through Pony Pitchers

PitchSmart is a series of practical, age-appropriate guidelines to help parents, players and coaches avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers.

Thank you for your patience and support as we implement steps to take care of DPYB's pitchers.

The DPYB Board of Directors

Click this link to learn how to add another email address to receive DPYB emails (Help/Support)

If you would like to enable someone other than the primary Sport Engine account holder to receive DPYB emails, please click this link and follow these simple instructions. Due to privacy concerns, DPYB board members are not able access your account information or make any changes on your behalf.

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Welcome To Dana Point Youth Baseball

The PONY baseball organization, which Dana Point Youth Baseball is a member of, was created for all players to be able to participate in baseball. We want to Protect Our Nation's Youth as they grow into young men and women and leaders of tomorrow. PONY is a community based program for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

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